Hello world!

Hello mummy-blogosphere!

If you’ve found yourself here, you might just be another single and fabulous, or just plain fabulous!, mum looking to make the most of life with a tiny plus-one. *waves* I’ve never blogged before, but on the hottest night of 2015 (and apparently the hottest in 9 years in the UK), way too hot to sleep, I decided to swap binge-watching “The Affair”* on my kindle for something a little more productive. I’d had ideas running round my head which I was desperate to bounce off someone – mum stuff which none of my friends would “get”, because in all honesty I have almost no fellow mum-friends. I’m 27 – not too young to have a baby by any means, but in my circles I’ve found myself a minority.

My daughter is 4.5 months old. She wasn’t planned, her dad wasn’t in the picture, and my pregnancy was fraught with worry and loneliness; at times I felt like she would never arrive. She came along late, just days after Valentine’s – which I had spent alone in a cinema watching “50 Shades of Grey” (yes, I know… but I have no “50 Shades”-loving friends either.) She was born in the crisp February sunshine as the sun came up over the glittering skyscrapers of the City of London. I remember watching them out of the big window through a gas-and-air-haze on the bed in the late stages of labour, trying to take in that they hadn’t changed, and that the city – my city – was going about its business as usual, while my entire life, and self, were about to change. She came out, her face crumpled, I held her – and that was it for me. It was us, now.

Months on, she’s more of a little person every day, it’s the start of a blistering summer, and I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of things. Aided and abetted by my indominable “coven” of mum and sister (i’m one of 6 kids, and my sister has 2), I share my life with my little girl affectionately known as Plum, whose very ancient and lovely real name was immediately eschewed by my 3 year old niece in favour of a name filched from a character in a favourite kids’ TV series**. I’ve been a central London dweller for 5 years and while I’m sure it’s one of the noisiest, dustiest and most chaotic places to bring up a baby, I’m giving it my all. Each day I find out something new and I’d love to share my experiences in case anyone else out there can relate or use a little help! I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and while it’s a big part of my job (which is related to marketing), there’s nothing like putting your passion into words, which is what I hope to do here.

So as a taste of what you can expect from this London young mum:

Reviews : baby stuff – from toiletries to carriers; mummy stuff – from hard-working beauty products to life-saving parentings apps and the most baby-friendly restaurants in London; maybe the odd film/TV/book recs too!

Ideas : lots of ideas on things to do with your little one, small or big!

Thoughts : being a single parent, from the practical to the personal stuff.

I can’t wait to get started, and hope to meet other mummies soon!


Plum’s Mum xx

* Watch it. It has an oft-naked Dominic West and that’s good enough for me. Is there a mummy-crush MORE potent than Dominic West?

** If you know me in real life, please don’t use her real name on, or associated with the blog 🙂


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